Recently, one of the assistant editors of the for the Church News was in Tokyo for his grandson’s baptism.  While he was here he visited my early morning seminary class, took pictures and interviewed my students.  Yesterday one of the parents told me she had seen the article he wrote on the Deseret News website.  It was also sent out in newspaper form on February 23.  So, if you live in Utah or subscribe to it you can see it there.  It was fun for my class!  Brother Hill being from Utah was in awe of students who get up for early morning seminary.  He talked to my Japanese student Megumi for an hour.  She gets up at 4 am every morning to catch the first of  the 2 trains she takes at 5am to get to the church just before 6am.  Her parents actually selected a high school for her based on the proximity to an English speaking seminary.  Most Japanese seminary students meet once a week and participate in the home-study program.  I have 17 students and almost all of them get to the church by walking, biking or razor scooter.  Meg comes on the train and the other 5 are in a carpool.  They amaze me everyday!!!  When I wake up at 5am on cold mornings and just want to crawl back under the covers I remember that Meg is already on her way.  I jump out of bed and hurry to the church to be ready when she gets there at 5:55am.  Their dedication inspires me.  You can check out the article at http://www.deseretnews.com/cn/view/1,1721,495006810,00.html 


  1. marisa

    how exciting, you look great in the picture by the way.

  2. James

    Congrats! So when they make a movie about you, can I get a role as one of the extras or something. Don’t forget all of us little people when you become famous 🙂

  3. Laurie Ogden

    Great article on Tokyo Seminary and YOU =) – yep! you’re now famous =)

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