12 things you didn’t know about me

Dee tagged me so here goes. 

1. I’ve never been tagged before!tomatoes.jpg

2. I love green vegetables, especially spinach!

3. I love tomatoes.

4. I murmur a lot.

5. I actually like getting up at 5am everyday.

6. I will make a roundtrip long-haul flight (over 7 hours in duration) every other month during 2008.  My long haul flights are 12-14 hours each way.  I really love my family to spend this much time on airplanes!!!!!

7. I like a lot of indy music.

8. My current cause is microcredit.  Visit http://www.kiva.org/ to see why.

9. Most of the time, I like the fact that we don’t own a car.  I like to figure out how to get places by bus, train, walking or on my bike.  The only time I really wish I had a car is when I want to go to Costco.

10. I love to read.  Currently, I am reading The End of Poverty by Jeffrey D. Sachs, Banker to the Poor  by Muhammad Yunus and Joseph Smith-Rough Strong Rolling by Richard Bushman. 

11. The idea of being in an earthquake terrifies me.  So why do I live in one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world??????? I have faith!!!! Notice the link on my blog to the US geological survey, Earthquakes!!!! I use it often to seen where the epicenter of the tremors I feel are located and their strength.

12.  I don’t like to go to parties where they sell you stuff.

So that “might” be 12 things you don’t know about me.  Not very exciting!  If I am going to do this right I guess I should tag someone else. 

I tag Alex, Laurie, and Kaylene.


  1. dee

    You are so smart to make your’s short and sweet!
    Loved that you did it! Fun to learn things about you…
    I wish I had shortened mine down a bit. Guess I could go back…nah it’s a done thing.
    You famous women you! Deseret News and pictures to-boot!!

  2. James

    Thanks for all the time you spend on airplanes to come see me and my family. We really love to see you. So what kind of indy music do you listen to? That’s something I did not know 🙂

  3. K Murray

    Please tell me what tagged means? Since you have me listed I don’t understand the process. I cannot believe you are flying home that often. Of couse I have you beat. My flights to get home are 27 hours on three planes. 2-3 times a year is all I can stand or afford.

  4. marisa

    Wow, you are quite the superwoman. I can’t even stand a 3 hour flight. I have a Kiva loan right now too. She has almost paid it off and I will find someone else to re-loan the money to.

  5. K Murray

    You murmur alot?!

  6. Ruth

    we are very grateful for your visits. i knew about half of those items so I felt good. loveya

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