Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Saturday, March 1, the Todaiji Temple in Nara was all lit up during the annual Omizutori festival.  This festival marks the beginning of spring.  It would have been cool to be there, but Nara is near Kyoto and definitely not near here.  I don’t really need the priests in Nara to tell me that spring is here the ume (plum) blossoms and warmer weather tell me that.  However, I did first notice the ume a few weeks ago when I went for a walk in the park during a snow storm.cup_015.jpg  The bright pink blossoms were quite a contrast to the snow.  I really need to get out and have a more exciting life.  The weather and seasonal changes in the park are quite boring.  I need to get some pictures of dogs in strollers or something!!!! Japan really isn’t as boring as I make it seem.  So it’s 2 pm and I am off with my camera to find something interesting to blog about and besides I still need some exercise today!


  1. Alex

    I think your life is more exciting than you think. I wish I could be in Tokyo, you and I can switch lives..:) Well at least for a little while. I’ll teach seminary and you do my economics homework! Love you mum!

  2. dee

    I love blossoms on trees. I think Japan is so pretty in the springtime! Kyoto was amazing, and the park by Mt.Fuji is totally amazing in cherry blossom time b/c of the tree lined stairs that go up the hill. sigh..they will be gone by the time we come next month 🙁 maybe something else will be in bloom though.
    I’ll be waiting for pics…

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