of Seminary (for this year, anyway).  Seminary ended last Thursday.  I thought that I would be happy about it and get to sleep in.  In some ways I am happy about it, but I am not sleeping in.  In fact, I am getting up even earlier.  It must be due to the fact that I am getting to bed earlier, no more late nights doing final preparations for my lesson.  When I say earlier, I mean really early.  Today it was 3:30 am!  That is a bit early for me.  I read and studied and then went for an hour long bike ride.  Tokyo is great at 5:00 am.  It is light and there are not too many people out.  I can ride on the sidewalks and not have to dodge the crowds.  This morning I rode to Omotesando and Harajuku.  It was so quiet.  This is the good part about not having seminary.  I have three months to study what I want to and go for early morning walks and bike rides.

Walking home from seminary last Wednesday morning I realized that it was almost over for this year.  Thinking about not seeing my students for three months caused me to cry for a minute.  I will definitely miss the kids that are graduating this year.  Friday morning I woke up and started planning for next year and teaching the New Testament.  I figured out that if I read 4 pages a day between now and the end of August I should have it finished.  I have memorized 5 of the 25 Scripture mastery verses and will learn 2 each week and will have all 25 done before we begin again in September.  I am excited to teach again.