“What’s crazy is that this all seems normal!”

My friend in Oregon thinks I have a glamorous life, traveling all over the world. Don’t get me wrong my life is great and I am so grateful for all my blessings. I am especially thankful my loving and very generous husband who shares his travel benefits with me so that I do everything I do. However, as I started to think about it in many ways most of my life is similar to that of any mother or grandmother. I serve in my church callings, I do laundry, recycle, grocery shop, go to the post office, cook, clean…..I just do it in Japan and that is sometimes a bit tricky because I don’t speak much Japanese. Usually, it isn’t a problem. This morning, with Rick coaching me before hand, I was able to tell the dry cleaning man not to come next Wednesday because we would be on vacation and to come again in two weeks. We won’t know how well I did until June 11 when we see if he comes or else there are shirts hanging on the door when Rick gets home next Friday.

As I thought about all the traveling that I do (December-January Utah, Texas, London, March- Utah, May- Utah & Texas, Next week-London) I have come to realize that these trips are just normal Mom/Grandma trips. In December, I went to visit my mom, spend Christmas with most of my kids and then help with Ally and Luke’s new baby. In March, I went to visit my mom and my kids in Utah including my future daughter-in-law. In May, I went to visit my mom and seeing my kids in Utah for a couple of days was a bonus. Then I went to see my kids in Texas and attend Andrew and Leigh’s graduation from Texas A&M University. Now, next week I am going to London to see Ally, Luke, Maddie and Izzie. To me where I go and what I do seems quite normal, it’s just that I don’t get there by car.  Living halfway across the world from any of my family, but Rick, I am incredibly grateful that I get to see them as often as I do.

The other day I was emailing my friend Dee, who currently lives in Russia, about our various plans for the summer and said, “What’s crazy is that this all seems normal!”  So what is normal anyway?  Who decides what is normal?  Well, maybe I should do something glamorous like plan a trip to China for Rick and I and Dan and Dee.


  1. Alex

    Mum, this is so true…I can’t say how many times I’m talking to people about my life and I get surprised that they are surprised because in my mind, this is our family’s way of life 🙂

  2. Kim

    I’m so glad I’m friends with such cultured people. It makes perfect sense why Ally was not phased to have a “foreign” friends. I’ve always loved that about her.

  3. Kaylene Murray

    Yes it is strange how it does seem normal! The flights of 16 hours and then another 4 hours just don’t seem to phase me anymore. It is what it is! If you want to be the grandma that seems the kids then you go. Enjoy your summer friend! Next trip move to Qatar there are six of us Kingwoodites here now!

  4. dee

    Can’t wait for the China trip! Plan away!
    Good to catch up with you!Dee

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