After two years, I finally bought my first “container” of Japanese gum.  Yes, I normally think of gum coming in packs, too.   You may also wonder why it took two years.  When we were living in London I bought several packs of gum only to discover that they tasted like Vick’s vapor rub, yuck.  I have only bought Wrigley’s at the international market.  At least, I know what it tastes like.

Last week, a young couple sitting across from me on the train were comparing their containers of gum.  The girl had hers in a plastic teddy bear head which turned out to be inferior to the boys sleak purple container.  He was able to provide her with a square white paper to dispose of the piece she had been chewing.  Intrigued by this feature, I headed to the corner convenience store to get my own.  The gum in the container is the chiclet type.  The container has two sections the large one holds the gum and a small narrow one holds the white paper squares used for disposing  of chewed gum.  Japanese packaging never ceases to amaze me.


  1. Kristina

    you should start bringing us all that gum, along with Hi-chews…it looks snazzy…

  2. Laurie

    Meiji?? Remember Meiji milk in Singapore – it actually tastes the most like American? Now, that is a COOL gum container – If Singapore just got wind of this, maybe we’d be able to buy it there instead of going into Maylasia or Indonesia OR THE FRIGGIN’ USA to buy it and bring it back! I’m flying home through Tokyo – maybe I’ll look for it in the airport!?? Narita airport? – no they don’t have much there do they – hmmmm. BTW – we’ll be here until Dec 2009 – gotta stay longer to earn more money to pay all the past, present and future taxes to Singapore!

  3. dee

    I have bought this gum for the kids but never realized it had the papers to dispose of the chewed gum…Japanese are amazing people when it comes to recycling, keeping things clean, taken care of the essentials you don’t even think of as essential!
    This gum actually has something that is supposed to be good for the gums as well. So far the ingredient isn’t allowed in the US according to “a dentist” I talked to about it.

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