Rubbish, Trash, Garbage Part 2

Recycling Poster

Recycling Poster

This was in my mail box this morning.  You may remember my post earlier this year that showed my trash can and described all the various categories.  This poster is describing another one, recyclable plastics.  So now I have the following categories; recyclable plastics, non-combustible, combustible, cans, glass, pet bottles, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, milk and juice cartons.  All of these have to be separated and bagged.  The newspapers, magazines, cardboard and milk cartons need to be separated bundled and tied with string.  I have until October 4 to figure out how to do it, actually I have until October 14 since I am leaving for China on October 2.  I intend to head to the 100 yen store this afternoon for my supply of string.  I think I will start now so I can get it right before then.  So while you think I may be complaining the new recyclable plastics category actually saves me from carrying my plastic grocery bags and my styrofoam trays back to the store.  Now, they pick them up for me.

My motivation for doing this is two fold.  First, not doing it right makes more work for the sweet Japanese man who maintains our apartment building.  I know he checks each bag of trash I put downstairs or he will hear from the local officials.  The garbage men check to make sure it is done properly.  Second, I love to think that all this recycling that I do and that Japan does helps the earth.  I also love the fact that the local government sent me three posters explaining the change in both English and Japanese.


  1. Kristina

    i love recycling, i am trying to still do it here in boston…but i know after reading your post, i am light years behind you and the japanese…i miss you!

  2. Laurie

    OH my goodness! they recycle EVERYTHING! amazing =’)

  3. marisa

    How do you keep it all straight? I do wish that people around here would put in more effort to recycle.

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