Update on the Nativity

Yesterday I felt impressed to send an email to my Relief Society president and her husband.  I cut and pasted the preceeding post, including the photos into the email.  In her reply she told me her version of the same experience.  She said that she was too busy that night to try and understand what he was doing.  She got upset with him for touching the nativity, something I didn’t see.  Finally, as she was pulling him away Jacob said, “But Mom, that is wrong, Jesus will be sad.  Everyone wants to see the Baby Jesus!”  She said she didn’t understand what he was talking about at the time.  She was glad that I shared my experience and plans to tell him my version followed by her apology for not seeking to understand his intention.   All my nativities are set up like Jacob would do it.  Everyone wants to see the Baby Jesus!


  1. Laurie Ogden

    Thank you for the update – “out of the mouth of babes” 🙂

  2. pohpeng

    i am going to rearrange mine too…….it is such a wonderful and yet humbling story, i am glad i get to learn it..

  3. Vicki Lewis

    What a neat story. Children are such wonderful teachers. I hope you guys are doing well. We moved back to the States from Singapore last February. My little brother is now serving in Japan. He is in the Sendai mission.

  4. Kaylene Murray

    That is just awesome!

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