New Year’s Day Fun

Who does this remind you of???

Who does this remind you of???

Last night, we all planned to stay up and welcome the new year.  After watching a Japanese variety show  totally in Japanese for hours everyone was falling asleep.  At midnight Rick and I were the only ones awake.  We didn’t drink our sparking juice or even use our confetti poppers.  So, this morning we decided to celebrate.   We ate waffles and decided to watch a movie.  Hopefully, family members will know exactly what movie we watched by seeing the picture of Allyson and Kristina (unfortunately it didn’t come in Izzie’s size).

When our family lived in Saudi Arabia my mom recorded the movie “Better Off Dead” and mailed it to us.  For some reason our family really enjoyed it and has watched often over the years.  It stars John Cusack and is just a pretty stupid movie.  Over the years, lines from the movie have become part of our conversation, “You’re a fine little helper, what’s your name?”  In the movie the mother wears a reindeer hat on Christmas morning. 

A few weeks ago I was shopping for items for my seminary auction at a huge store called Don Quixote.  This store is mostly full of junk with a few useful items.  I saw the reindeer hats right off and bought one for the auction.  The Bishop who acted as our auctioneer even modeled it.  It was the hottest item.  Johnnie, the young man with the most money at the auction didn’t bid on anything until the hat came up.  I think he was worried that he might need to use all his money to buy it.  Rick suggested that the girls might enjoy them and so i went back and bought two more.  They wore them for the whole movie.   Family traditions live on and become enhanced.  I am sure that we have not seen the last of the reindeer hats.

Happy New Year!

P.S. We did watch another family favorite on Christmas Eve, just like we have for years, “Muppet Christmas Carol”.


  1. Laurie Ogden

    The Muppet Christmas Carole???!?!??!?!? That is my favorite movie and I’ve tried to make it a tradition in my family over the years and they all rebel – oh such silly people that don’t like THAT movie!!!

    Happy New Year!

  2. vanalee

    Laurie, i am sad that your family doesn’t like it :(. All of my kids really do, it’s their spouses that question our sanity. I gave a copy as a gift to a family in our ward. They watched it on Christmas Eve and they loved it, new tradition started. Happy New Year!

  3. pohpeng

    It was my first time watching the Muppets A Christmas Carol on New Year’s Day – I randomly selected it while surfing ‘youtube’ for some nice christmas songs….I love it!!! I thought that would be a nice tradition to watch it on every Christmas (need to find the DVD in the market)…I didnt realise that others are doing so too…It is actually the first time I know the story of Scrooge – just heard of this guy, but never really know the story (havent read the Dicken’s book)……..i am weird…the song “marley & marley” is the one that sticks to the head for days after watching…….

  4. dee jones

    I bought this movie for Lewis and kids on your suggestion last year. They were gone for Christmas this year, hmmm, wonder if they watched it…

    Love the reindeer hats. What a hoot you found them in Japan!
    I was going through pictures (an on going process I have finally started)
    I have found some fun ones of Kristina, from girl’s camp I believe.
    I hope to scan some and post some soon.

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