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The search continues…I am in London and have had the opportunity to try two of the local cupcake bakeries.  Saturday we all headed down to South Kensington to go to the Science Museum.  We got off the tube at Gloucester Road to eat lunch.  We ended up at Byron’s a new hamburger restaurant in London.  After some yummy burgers and fries we walked along Cromwell Road.  Just before we got to the Science Museum Maddie noticed a new exhibit, The Butterfly Garden, and decided she wanted to go there.  We saw some beautiful butterflies and played on a cool playground.  Here are some photos from the garden and playground.  Izzie is a big kid trapped in a tiny body.



We decided to skip the Science Museum and the crowds and headed over to the Hummingbird Bakery on Old Brompton Road.  Cupcakes are not their only speciality;  they have beautiful cakes, muffins, brownies and other treats.  The Hummingbird Bakery is owned by a graduate of the American School in London.  He grew to love American style sweets while he attended school there (must be all those American mums baking for bake sales and school parties).  We chose 6 cupcakes to take home, two red velvet, two different chocolate, one vanilla and carrot cake.  Hummingird Bakery really knows how to make cupcakes.  See photos below:



Today after we got Maddie from school we drove to Primrose Hill and went to the Primrose Bakery for cupcakes.  It’s a cute little retro-style shop and has some treats besides cupcakes, but cupcakes dominate the selection.  Ally and I chose lime coconut, Maddie got chocolate and Izzie got a mini- chocolate cupcake.  The cupcakes were good but not fabulous like the ones we had on Saturday.  The frosting was dry.  We tried to decide if they had been baked fresh today or if they were left from yesterday.  Izzie did enjoy hers. 




The winner in my global search so far is Hummingbird Bakery.  Stay tuned for the Boston results coming soon.


  1. Kristina

    Where are the London pics?! I can’t see them. And I guess the pressure is on for finding a good cupcake place in Boston, I hope this fabulous city doesn’t let you down…and if it does, well, you will just have to bake us some yourself!

  2. dee

    I’m with Kristina, looking forward to the pics of the cupcakes.
    I loved the Neighborhood tour!
    Hope you are still finding time to have fun with the move and all.

  3. Shannon

    Love this! And really hoping Boston results are posted soon (ie before my trip ;).

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