Rhode Island and Massachusetts Cupcakes

Monday we ended up going to Providence to get Kristina’s friend, Rachel, at the airport.  We visited a cupcake shop in Federal Hill called Nancy’s Fancies.  We tried three cupcakes and they were all great.  (Lemon Meringue, Boston Creme Pie, and Coconut Dream…the Chocolate/Chocolate with oreo crumbs and a gummy worm, AKA Dirty, was for Rachel).  Nancy’s is unique in that they fill and ice the cupcakes while you watch.  This made them taste especially fresh, no dry frosting here.  Kristina thinks they win the taste test for homemade goodness.




Yesterday we made our way to Boston’s North End to try Lulu’s cupcakes.  Lulu’s was not open and there was not even a sign posting their hours.  We opted instead for treats at Modern Pastry instead.  We shared a delicious Raspberry Twist and a Cannoli.   

In Kingston, on the way to Cape Cod, we saw the Sugar Plum Bakery and stopped to check out their cupcakes.  We tried Cannoli and Peanut Butter Chocolate.  These were yummy, too.  Total sugar overload!

 Mom Boston June 2009 562


Today we went to Sweet  at Harvard Square.  This is the place to go if you want “posh” cupcakes.  We were a bit cupcaked out so we chose two of their mini cupcakes, carrot and red velvet.  When I say posh think carrot cupcake topped with a sliver of edible gold leaf!  Their cupcakes were beautiful and also very tasty.


So in the global search…I don’t even know who would win!


  1. Kaylene Murray

    I love how you find cupcakes wherever you go!

  2. Ruth

    i guess when you are here in august i will just have to take you to the cupcake shops in houston i know about

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