One day, many years ago,  I looked out my kitchen window to see a couple I recognized parked in front of the empty lot next door.   I ran out to say hello to Larry and Peggy.  I am sure they were surprised to see a crazy woman running up to their car.  I was acquainted with them from our time in Saudi Arabia.  I actually knew their son Andrew better than I knew them.  I often chatted with Andrew on the school bus in Saudi.

Larry and Peggy didn’t build on the lot next door, but they moved in not far from my house.  Peggy and I became great friends and the two of us formed the perfect carpool.  We would talk and decide each morning who would drop off in the morning and who would pickup in the afternoon.  If one of us had to drive both ways it wasn’t a big deal and we didn’t keep track, it just worked perfectly.

Whenever I told Peggy something I made my children do she would say “Mean parent lesson # _____!”

Then the inevitable happened (when husbands work in the oil business).  We got transferred to California.  Peggy and I talked periodically when she called on my birthday or other times.  She was always the one who reached out.  In 23 months we were back living in Kingwood and I was back with my friend and carpool partner.  Then it was Peggy’s turn to move first to California and then back to Saudi Arabia.  It was while she was in Saudi that I lost contact with her.

I have tried on and off for several years to find her.   Often I would get close, but never seemed to get enough information to contact her.  Just a few days ago my son, Andrew, sent me an email saying he thought he had found her on Facebook.  I went to my Facebook account and typed in the name he sent and sure enough there was my friend smiling at me once again.  I sent a friend request immediately and she replied.  I am so happy to have found my “long lost friend!”