The idea of baking a normal size birthday cake for myself was not appealing.  It’s not that I don’t like baking or that I don’t love cake.  I just don’t need a whole cake sitting around here for Rick and I to eat.  Awhile back I found a recipe for Gordon Ramsey’s Melting Heart Chocolate Fondant on my friend’s Urban Mums blog.  I decided that I would make two of these instead of a cake and serve them with a little Haagen Daz.

So now you may be wondering why the baking on my birthday.  Rick offered to take me out, but I chose to go tomorrow instead because it is a Japanese holiday and he will be home all day.  Hooray!  Now the trick is deciding what kind of yummy Japanese food I want to eat then.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

P.S. The recipe is also on my food blog YUM!