One of my favorite books ever is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I have read it many times. In fact, it is time to read it again. My trip across the Pacific in two weeks will be the perfect. Over my life I have come to believe that there are “Boo Radley” houses in just about every neighborhood. I remember two from the neighborhood in Salt Lake where I grew up. We used to dare each other to go up and knock on the door or to touch the house. And that was before I ever read the book. It must be something about kids and spooky houses.

There is a house in my neighborhood that makes me feel a bit creepy every time I pass it. It’s on a narrow lane and faces the back of an apartment building. So it is a bit isolated.

Boo Radley's Tokyo House

The house and yard are quite large for a free standing house in this neighborhood. The yard is filled with leaves and people have thrown cans and bottles over the fence.

The condition of this house just doesn’t fit with Japanese culture. They sweep and wash in front of their houses daily. If there is a yard or garden it is spotless. This house just looks tired and dusty. The garage door is peeling and rusty.

There is an orange tree, but no one picks the oranges.  Houses that are not being lived in are generally boarded up or shuttered.  If I could climb the tall fence I could look right in one of the windows and see what is inside and that makes me think someone might be living there.

This morning on my bike ride I decided to stop and take some photos.  It almost felt like someone was watching me.  I think I need to go back over there at night to see if any lights are on.  Creepy idea? Do you have a “Boo Radley” house in your neighborhood?