Tokyo is interesting for shopping sometimes…certain parts of town are dedicated to shops selling a specific type of merchandise. For example, the area around Kanda has sporting goods and books, the famous Akihabara sells electronics, Nippori is famous for it’s textiles, Asakusabashi for Japanese dolls and Kappabashi has an entire street of kitchenware. You can find almost anything you would ever need in your kitchen here.

Today I found out that my friends Dixie and Michelle were “driving” to Kappabashi.  Having someone drive is a great because you don’t have to drag your purchases home on the train.  I invited myself along. I have been needing a trip there and I was able to pick up most everything I was looking for. Here are some photos of “KitchenTown”:

Dish shops everywhere

Pots and pans and utensils

Cherry Blossom Time Kitchenaid Display

I have no idea why they chose to use T-Rex on this sign. There are many interesting signs in Kappabashi. I forgot I had my camera with me until I had passed the giant cockroach, the giant chef’s head and the giant tea cups.


This cute guy hangs between each shop.  I assume that the writing is the name of each shop.

Shop Signs


  1. Mindy

    That looks fun! I want to go shopping there! I need some new kitchenware!

  2. dee

    This is TOP on my list for our next trip. Lorraine and I will be going. I didn’t know you loved this place. I thought you tolerated me dragging you there-but then you are the one that took me there the first time so maybe it is having a car… having a car is more awesome than anyone that hasn’t been can even imagine! Dishes are heavy to drag back on the subway/train. I still Love this place!
    Jan wants me to pick up some more of her delicate plates while we are there. I might have to store them at Jo’s for now…I have no luggage allowance when I come back from Japan in April…ugh to Russian rules! 🙁

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