Sakura time….almost!

There is a sense of anticipation in the air. Everyone passing the hospital across the street looks up at the cherry trees surrounding it. The buds are almost ready to burst. The sakura blossoms signal a new beginning.  It is time for a new school year.  New university graduates traditionally begin work. Each year friends, family and colleagues gather under the trees to celebrate with food and drink, in many cases lots of drink.

This morning I walked to Aoyama Cemetery.

Aoyama Cemetery

Sakura trees

It is one of my favorite places in Tokyo to view the blooming sakura.  I wanted to see what was happening there.  All of the trees are on the verge of blooming, but there was only one “rogue” tree that actually had blooms on one of it’s lowest branches.

Early Bloomer

I hope to see them in full bloom before I leave for Texas next Wednesday.

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  1. marisa

    Oh, I hope they are in full bloom before you leave as well, make sure you take lots of pictures!

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