My seminary students from Singapore and Tokyo will tell you that I am obsessed by little black notebooks.  I always have one in my bag.  They are perfect for taking notes or jotting down ideas.  The other day I was in Kinokuniya (a really big bookshop) and noticed the MT-Deco (masking tape).  I had seen it before, but was never sure what to do with it.  The display included several books dedicated to using MT for crafts.  I opted not to buy the books, they are in Japanese, and just browsed through them for ideas.  I did buy several rolls of the cute tape.

Japanese Masking Tape

I decided to try some out on a couple of my notebooks.  It took less than 5 minutes to do both of these.

MT Notebooks

I “googled” Japanese masking tape to see if I could find any ideas for using it. I was shocked to see how much some people in the US are selling it for…almost three times what I paid for it here in Tokyo.  I’ll be looking for new ideas to use it, I have a few in mind.


  1. James

    You may need to add this to your periodic import of Hi-Chews to Kingwood, Texas. I bet my girls would be excited to get something like this for their crafts (hint, hint).

  2. Kim

    Yeah, I’ve seen it floating around all my crafty blogs. That, and Japanese fabric and Japanese softie books.

    Have fun in Texas. Give Ally a hug.

  3. dee

    Hey, I have some of that type of tape I picked up in Japan. I use it in my card making (pretty cool stuff). I love the black book look!
    I am still sad I am going to miss you in April, but for a good reason. I don’t know if by Apr 7th the cherry blossoms will still be out but I hope there are some lazy trees that will cooperate holding out until then!

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