Arisugawa Park

A few years ago, during a Relief Society meeting, we were asked what our favorite spot in Tokyo is.  I thought of many places I like to visit and was surprised when my friend Dori said her’s was Arisugawa Park.  She lived as near to the park as I do.  At the time, I was surprised because I hadn’t really come to love and appreciate the amazingness of this park that is my front yard. Since then, I have watched it through many seasons and have truly come to love walking there on my way home from the store or on days like today sitting and taking everything in.

Arisugawa Ike

Taking a Break


Chizu (cheese)

Play nicely


Walking the dog

Ice Cream

I didn’t think I knew these girls when I took the picture.  I saw them later and realized it was my sweet friend Jess and she introduced me to her best friend Rita.

My Favorite Tree

My favorite tree and...'s new little Gingko leaves

So if you ask me now I will reply, “Arisugawa Park is my favorite place in Tokyo!”


  1. Nicole

    We may have a park right outside our back door but it looks nothing like this beautiful place! Bammy, Your camera takes great pictures. It is amazing! The colors are beautiful.
    I love you

  2. marisa

    I love these pictures!!!

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