Plastic Entrees

One of the really cool things about dining out in Tokyo are the displays of plastic food at the front of the restaurant.  They come in quite handy when there is not an English menu available.  I can just take the waiter out front and point to what I want.  Most of the plastic food is very realistic, but every once in awhile I see some that is very old, faded and just scary looking.  The display at the Berry Cafe in the Omotesando area of Tokyo is quite amazing and some of the best I have seen in my 4 years here.  It was 6am and the cafe was closed so I did not get to see the real thing.

The last one makes me crave a trip to La Duree. Yes, there is one in Tokyo! I love macaroons!

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  1. Nicole

    Do you know how fun that plastic food would be to play with in the girls play kitchen? I would love it!! Oh, And I am sure they would too.. How fun!!
    I love you

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