Nezu Shrine Azaleas

Today we began out outing by going to Nezu Shrine which is famous for the hillside completely covered by azalea bushes.  The shrine area is quite small and because of the holiday there was a steady stream of people on the trails among the flowers.

We walked from Nezu to Rikugien garden.  It is rated as one of the best in Tokyo. It is much larger than Nezu, but it was still very crowded.

Rikugien Pond

I just thought this image was humorous. This group was just huddled on the top of this hill looking out over the park and taking pictures.


  1. I can not believe how beautiful these places are. I wish I was there in person. Your doing great with your new camera.
    I love you

  2. I thought they only acted like that in other countries… 🙂

  3. SO beautiful! I second what Alex said. 😉

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