Marching Bands in Tokyo?

Today is Children’s Day in Japan.  Since Girl’s day is March 3, Children’s Day is more devoted to boys.  Families and schools display the koi flags and also samuri helmets or dolls in their homes.  They hope for the success, happiness and long life of their sons. We went to the Ginza and watched a parade that was entirely marching bands. I found this to be totally unexpected and quite fun.

Kilts in Tokyo?

These are for you, Alex

Tuba Line

All Girls Band

The funniest thing we saw was the band parents they were running along behind the crowds videotaping.  Most were not paying attention to their cameras, but just to where they were running.  I can imagine how their videos turned out.




  1. Alex

    Thanks for the Kilts, I didn’t know the Japanese have scottish ancestry. Is that the Yamaha tartan? 😉

  2. Mindy

    I didn’t know marching bands were so popular in Japan. Kind of fun to see the same things with a different cultural twist. I bet that was a fun parade!

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