Kawagoe Flea Market

I love to get out of the city in a car! Today I went with a friend and her two year old to the Kawagoe Flea market.  This Market takes place on the 28th of every month. I enjoy being in a car because I am usually always on the the train.  The temple grounds where the market is held is quite small and it was fairly crowded and definitely difficult to maneuver a stroller through. I didn’t buy anything. My friend bought a teapot and a bento box. Both are very cool and I would have bought them if she hadn’t. As I write this I am glad that I didn’t buy them, I don’t need more “stuff.”


Hanging out after school


540 images of Buddha

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  1. You KNOW I would have loved going to this market. I am guessing you went with Michelle…Did Debby and Alison miss this? That’s too bad b/c it could have been a fun thing for them to see…

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