Saturday Shopping

Today I walked to Roppongi Hills and wandered around in some of the shops.   Bals Tokyo is a really interesting shop. It is filled unique household items. They have an many beautiful Japanese dishes.

I have been looking for a reusable water bottle I like for a long time.  I bought a plastic one at Appalachian State last year, but I don’t like the way it makes my water taste. My reusable water bottle of choice would be made out of glass, but that’s not practical.  Today, I found this stainless steel bottle. The water tastes great.

My second purchase was two cupcake boxes made by OXO.  These will be perfect for transporting my little cakes.  I wish I would have had them last night to get my cupcakes to the concert. By the way, the concert was fabulous! I noticed Japanese attendees carrying cupcakes out in plates of three, that’s all that would fit on a plate!

Thank goodness for OXO’s great packaging or I might not have realized how well my cupcakes would fit in here. Those are not real cupcakes that’s printed insert.

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  1. dee

    I need those cupcake holders. I guess I will go on a hunt while in the states for 2 weeks this summer!

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