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Brooks’s Fabric

On Main Street in Bountiful, Utah there is more than one store still here that was around when I was growing up. Brooks’s Fabrics is exactly the same as it was when I was a child and visited often with my grandmother. I am grateful it is still in business and allows me a bit of nostalgia. Today I bought these fabrics for a project in Australia.



No, I am really not grateful for earthquakes. (Someday I should make a list of all the things I’m grateful I learned from the experience of being in Japan on March 11, 2011).  We have been having quite a few little shakes in the last few weeks. I always sit still during them wondering if they are going to get stronger and thinking about what I should do if they do.

I am grateful for the USGS website that I can check after each quake to see what the magnitude was. I must have checked this site hundreds of times in the first four months after the Great Tohoku earthquake.


It seems like I have never quite been able to manage owning a sewing machine that I really love to use. My machines always seemed to have at least one thing that I found really annoying. My grandmother raised me to believe that a Singer machine was the best. Now, that may be true if I had her Singer. (Where did her sewing machine go anyway? Why didn’t I get an option to have it?) I have owned 3 Singers, two were awful and one was okay. My last Singer was awful and quirky and I patiently loved it. I took it apart often and finally it died. I had projects to finish when it died and Jo let me borrow her newly acquired Brother. I was amazed at how much fun sewing was again. I did my research and bought my own Brother. I am grateful for a sewing machine that allows me to love sewing again.

Cupcakes Forever

This week I have been preparing to help the YW in our branch learn to decorate cupcakes. Unfortunately, I was didn’t get any photos. Here’s one of the Snicker’s cupcakes I made to demonstrate (chocolate cupcake, caramel frosting, chocolate frosting topped with chopped Snicker’s pieces). You can find the template for the cupcake wrap here.

I love doing anything with the youth of the church! I am grateful for them and their faith and energy. It revitalizes me!

The first of the lasts

There will be many last times in the next three months and they will come quickly and be gone before we know it. Today is the last time we will attend sumo. We have attended sumo over 14 times since arriving in Japan in 2006. We get tickets one day during each Tokyo Basho. I am grateful for this Japanese cultural experience.

Opening by Hakuho- the Yokozuna

Our Box Seats

The referees are always colorful

This meeting of the judges resulted in a rematch

Harumafuji- one of my favorites

The Yokozuna-Hakuho



iPad Case

I have the magnetic cover for my new iPad (a fabulous surprise from Rick that was waiting for me in Kingwood) and the plastic case that snaps on the back. I was looking for a little more protection for it when I put in my purse. I found this Kokeshi fabric in the back of my fabric closet and made this:

Tesage kaban

Early this week I heard about another project to help in Sendai—tesage kaban (school bags). Monday we shopped for fabric and on Tuesday we started sewing the school bags for pre-school and elementary school children. Relief Society sisters throughout Japan have committed to make 500 bags this week. We only have 3 days to complete the project and our district is quite small. We completed over 70 bags, but that was because the wonderful Chikako from 3rd branch made 30! The flat bags are made from quilted fabric with webbing handles and an iron on name label. I was able to sew 7 and stitched around many name labels. We were able to finish all the bags in time to send them to Sendai yesterday with our public affairs missionaries who will be up there for the next 4 days. It was a great project working with wonderful women. Here are a few photos of some of them busy at work.

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