Tokyo Disney Sea

Alyssa, Emsley, and Chelsea have been with us in Tokyo this week. They arrived from Shanghai last week and it has been so much fun having them with us. We met them when we lived in London. David was such a good “grown-up friend” to Alex. We are sad that he couldn’t come with his girls. After going to Tokyo Disney on Friday they decided that they just had to go back to Tokyo Disney Sea on Monday. The Disney Sea Park is unique to Tokyo. I decided to go along on this adventure. I have been to Tokyo Disney, but not to Tokyo Disney Sea. It was a fun day and because of Fastpass we were able to get on the most popular rides without waiting too long.

One of the popular things for Japanese youth to do is wear Disney headbands or clip on ears in the park. We decided to participate and all got ears. We wore them all day and got some interesting looks and a few “Kawai” comments (cute).

Emsley, Alyssa, Chelsea and I

Shadow picture with Emsley's toes

It has been fun week. Next adventure…OZ.

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  1. Yay for ears! I miss them. Dave was so much fun! Have a great day!

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