This morning I rode my bike through Roppongi Hills and decided to take photos of the cool benches on along the street. They are great examples of modern art. I love the sculptures and works of art in my neighborhood. Here are the benches:


  1. That is amazing how many cool benches there are. Are they all close to you, or have you been saving up all your bench pictures for a really good bench post?

  2. All the benches are on the same street. The red one is on the opposite side by itself. There used to be a pink one made of old chairs on the same side as the red one. It was not constructed from materials that held up to the weather. It deteriorated quite quickly and was removed. It’s too bad because it was really funky.

  3. I wish we had fun things to take pictures of here. I will have to try and be creative b/c there isn’t much. It is beautiful where we live though.
    I love your discoveries!

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