Could you do this anywhere besides Tokyo?


Well…maybe a few places…like Singapore.  I have noticed the set up before, but have never stopped to make a purchase.  There is a restaurant on the Hiroo shopping street named Plates.  Every afternoon they set up a small table holding a plastic crate filled with bags of rolls, usually long sandwich buns, ciabatta, or croissants.  Next to the crate is a coffee can with a hole punched in its plastic lid and on an easel nearby is a cardboard sign with a marker drawn roll and the price, 300 yen.  You put your money in the can, choose your rolls and put them in a plastic shopping bag hanging from the table.  In many cities the coffee can and the crate of bread would be stolen in minutes. I’m so glad I get to live in such a safe place

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  1. Kim

    Wow! Definitely not in South Africa.

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