Hamburger Buns

Today after our trip to the 6 story 100 yen store (Japanese dollar store), Michelle and I stopped at Nishin. It’s the other international store.  I was excited to see these great looking hamburger buns.

It sounds crazy to get excited about hamburger buns, but I haven’t seen hamburger buns that look like this since leaving the US almost 10 years ago. The buns I normally buy are very small and always dry. I bought them and decided to make sloppy joes.  As I was making them I wondered what the Italians who make my expensive tomato paste in a tube would think about an American using it to make Sloppy Joes.

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  1. I totally love the idea of tomato paste in a tube. I open the can and freeze the rest here in Russia b/c I can’t buy it here. I have to bring it in from the states.
    As for getting thrilled about hamburger buns. I am WITH YOU on that one, and they look delicious. Did you make hamburgers? You know we are deprived of good beef here so you are making me hungry.

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