Chair socks???????????????

I am constantly amazed at the products the Japanese come up with. Yesterday Michelle and I went to the BIG 100 yen store in Funabashi. I often see things there that make me laugh. Michelle was looking for some of the felt pads to put on the legs of your furniture so it won’t scratch the floor. They had the felt pads, but we found something we just couldn’t resist…CHAIR SOCKS! They are little socks you put on the legs of your chairs so they don’t scrape across the floor.

They look like little Mary Janes and remind me of the cute baby socks from Trumpette only for chairs. I bought them because they are so funny and really don’t intend to put them on my chairs. In fact, they wouldn’t even fit on my chairs.


  1. Mindy

    That’s awesome. I can totally see that trend taking off in Utah – homemade, of course.

  2. dee

    What a funny idea…
    I LOVE that store. Our friends went there this week as well.
    When does Michelle move?

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