Today we drove to San Marcos, TX. The big event for today was the outlet mall. I have never seen an outlet mall like this one. There are two actually but we only went to one. It has outlets for Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Kate Spade, Coach, Gap, Juicy Couture, Brighton, Crate and Barrel… infinity! It’s a good thing I don’t live in Texas. We met up with some of our Carruth cousins at the hotel and headed to the mall. James kept his children as well as two of Emily’s girls. He is an amazing dad! After hanging out with the kids for awhile Laura and I decided to go off on our own. We were mostly looking, but we each ended up buying something in Kate Spade. She got some darling earrings and I got this great wallet in my favorite color. It was 50% off the already discounted outlet price, making it less expensive than the one I bought in Singapore and used for 5 years.