My achey foot

I have been trying to figure out why my right foot is hurting and swelling. I have seen two doctors, two orthopedic specialists, a physical therapist and had an MRI here in Japan. I have also seen two doctors in Houston. I still don’t have a diagnosis from anyone I’ve seen. The doctor reading the MRI and the physical therapist seem to have the best idea about what is wrong. Yesterday I went back to one of the orthopedic specialists and he has given up. He told me to wait three months and if it didn’t get better I could then return to see him.

I do not want to wait three months because it won’t get better unless I have a plan. Based on what the physical therapist told me and the results of the MRI I am using the internet as my doctor. The plan is R.I.C.E for three weeks. I am going to stay off of it and much as I can and do the exercises the physical therapist gave me to gently stretch and strengthen the tendons. If this doesn’t help then I will try to determine who I should see when I am in the US in December.

When I had the MRI I went to the Yotsuya Medical Cube (a very funny name for a clinic). It’s just a regular building, nothing “cubish” about it.


  1. dee

    I am so sorry your foot is still giving you fits (as we say in our family).
    I hope you find good results in your searching for the “fix”.
    Good luck!

  2. Nicole

    Bammy, I hope that your foot heals soon. My Mom was saying that it was hurting you when you were here a few months back! I wish you a speedy recovery!
    Love you

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