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Four of my five children would consider themselves to be cyclists. Two of the four like to have all the cool gear that goes along with being a cyclist. The other two make do with what they have or is handed down to them by their brothers. I consider myself to be a bit of a cyclist since I ride everyday. I am of the make do and wear hand me downs philosophy. I don’t have a lot of gear. Just a great bike, old helmet and a seat bag for my spare tubes.

I ride early most mornings and lately I have have been riding my bike to do errands during the day.  The big drawback has been my inability to carry much. My friend Jo has a neat basket for her bike that doubles as a tote. I finally went to the shop and bought one today. It is perfect!  I can unclip it, take it in the store and then clip it back on my bike. It reminds me of the cool and handy “market tote” that my daughter-in-law uses to get stuff between the house and the car. My boys wouldn’t be caught with this accessory attached to their bikes, but I love it! Next accessory a kickstand. The boys won’t approve of that either!

P.S. My basket is from Germany.



  1. You’re right… I would never buy a basket, but you do ride your bike more than I do 🙂

  2. If it were pink or purple, my girls woul dbe totally jealous.

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