This morning I asked Rick what his plans were for the day. Temple, haircut and working on his talk for Sunday. I thought we would be staying close to home so I just started working on things around the house. About 3:30 PM he was ready to get out of the house. I made the comment that I needed to go to Ikea sometime soon and he was ready to go today. We took the train and first went to visit a huge (over 250 stores) mall near Ikea. We walked around to get an idea of what was there and then walked over to Ikea. The first stop was the restaurant for dinner. Rick had roast beef and of course I had Swedish meatballs. It was good. The market place was then next stop for a few things I needed. We bought some packets of gravy, some black salt licorice and had a 50 yen ice cream cone on the way out.

I like Ikea! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by being a foreigner and being foreign is more obvious here. In London, I could blend in as long as I didn’t talk.  It helps me if I can go somewhere that isn’t so foreign. Since I don’t ever frequent McDonalds Ikea fits the bill.