An Early Christmas Gift

My sister has been busy sewing and crafting again. She is so talented! I cannot think of anything that she cannot make or do. While I was in Utah last weekend she was busy finishing up my Christmas gift so I could bring it home with me. It is called a pinkeep. She went all over looking for a brass candle stick for the base and couldn’t find one until she went to the local charity shop. It is made from felted wool and she made the rabbit herself. The toile stork scissors are darling. I love it! It makes me want to turn my desk into a permanent sewing space.


  1. This is about the cutest thing ever Vanalee. Did she use a tennis ball for the pin cushion and covered it with the felted wool? So darn cute, and that bunny…She is talented!!

  2. No, it’s actually larger than a tennis ball. It is stuffed with fiberfill.

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