For Marisa

Marisa requested a photo of the hat I bought in her comment on yesterday’s post. So Marisa this is for you.

Next week, I am going to be in Boone, NC to visit Andrew, Leigh and Rorey and then take care of Andrew, Rorey and the granddogs, Chaco and Emma while Leigh attends a conference in Minnesota (even brrr-ier, I’m sure that isn’t a word). It’s really cold in Boone and they will probably have snow. One of my duties is to take Emma, the husky, outside a few times a day and put her on the zipline so she can run. I also get pretty cold at night, especially my head. So when we were at the flea market I bought a hat. It’s not a hat you would expect me to wear. I bought it at the same stall that I bought a possibly identical hat from for Kristina two years ago. It is a group that supports health missions to Nepal. They bring handmade hats, felt purses and other wool items back from Nepal to sell and use the funds to support their missions.  So here are the photos (Marisa, you have to know I love you to post such a lovely photo on my blog!):

My Hat

Me in my hat!

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  1. Love the hat! That should keep you warm and you look great in it!

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