Setagaya Boroichi

Today we went to the Setagaya Boroichi. It is a huge flea market that has been going on since 1578. It is held only four days a year (January 15 -16 and December 15-16). It is considered one of the largest flea markets in Japan. They have vintage clothing, kimonos and obis, new clothing, antiques, food, housewares and tons of miscellaneous junk for sale. It is usually very crowded when the 15th and 16th fall on weekdays, but on a Saturday it was really packed and we were there early. We tried some of the food from the stalls and just wandered around looking at everything. I bought a hat to wear in a week and a half in freezing North Carolina. Here are some photos:

The year of the rabbit

Marching Band

The crowds

Super Heroes

Old Scouter

Soup Bowls

Yakisoba Omlettes???


  1. marisa

    That looks like so much fun! Where is the picture of the cute hat you bought?

  2. mindy

    If and when I come to Tokyo I am definitely coming on one of those dates. I love flea markets! And that looks like so much fun!

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