Tesage kaban

Early this week I heard about another project to help in Sendai—tesage kaban (school bags). Monday we shopped for fabric and on Tuesday we started sewing the school bags for pre-school and elementary school children. Relief Society sisters throughout Japan have committed to make 500 bags this week. We only have 3 days to complete the project and our district is quite small. We completed over 70 bags, but that was because the wonderful Chikako from 3rd branch made 30! The flat bags are made from quilted fabric with webbing handles and an iron on name label. I was able to sew 7 and stitched around many name labels. We were able to finish all the bags in time to send them to Sendai yesterday with our public affairs missionaries who will be up there for the next 4 days. It was a great project working with wonderful women. Here are a few photos of some of them busy at work.


  1. You are inspiring!

  2. Can I have a new school bag?

  3. Hi Vanalee, I have been meaning to call and say hi for some time, one of many many comments. one of many questions is what do you think of the airline ANA, it is too late now…as I have my trip planned and booked to K.L., It is all on miles and all 1st class but one leg, L.A. to Tokyo is on that airline, it is 1st class. Kristina was pretty sure you did not have good things to say about it. No stopovers this time, gotta get there for the baby and you were busy in July it, sounds like? love Debby

  4. What a good project. I knew you would stay actively involved.
    The spring look so beautiful there. We are still waiting for it to arrive on Sakhalin. You would have thought it was December here this week.
    I was sad to miss the cherry blossoms so thanks for posting the beautiful pictures.

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