Dinner anyone?

Dinner tonight

The only other time I remember this happening was when Rick and I were dating and I dropped a steak I was cooking for him on the floor. This lasagna hit the floor and sprayed all over my white cupboards. It was a fun mess to clean up, reminiscent of the day Andrew made chocolate pudding in the blender and forgot to put the lid on.

So…do you think we ate it?


  1. I just did something similar with spaghetti on a melamine plate. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

  2. How clean was your floor? I may have been tempted to put it back together and not tell anyone. So, did you eat it?

  3. I hate wasting food, so I am pretty sure that I would have eaten it, too…even if my floors had not been cleaned the day before. This lasagna looks really yummy, despite being on the floor.

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