Nicole and McCall at Porcupine Grill

Presley and McCall at Gardner Village

In June I traveled to the US and spent a few days in Utah with my sister Susan, my niece Nicole and her family. We talked and ate and shopped and even did a little biking. Obviously, I didn’t use my camera much.

Rick and I met in Kingwood to spend the next week with our family living there and to attend Lainey’s baptism.

Super swimmer

The Birthday Girl

The big sister

Don't take my picture

My Rosie Girl



Leigh and Rorey

Ready to be baptized


The uncles

The Crazy Aunts

Trying to get a cousins photo

We had a great time! Rick left for Japan and I went to San Antonio to spend a few days with Alex, Stacey and Jan.

At the children's museum

Milking the cow at the museum

Jan loves baking and eating what she bakes

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  1. I love all of the photos, Mom (I have not checked blogs in forever), except for the lovely one of me with my eyes closed. I always love having you here, looking forward to seeing you more in the future!!!

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