iPad Case

I have the magnetic cover for my new iPad (a fabulous surprise from Rick that was waiting for me in Kingwood) and the plastic case that snaps on the back. I was looking for a little more protection for it when I put in my purse. I found this Kokeshi fabric in the back of my fabric closet and made this:


  1. Kristina

    Mom-You are so creative! The iPad cover is darling. Maybe someday I will be as talented and crafty as you are…I miss you!

  2. Alex Carruth

    That is so cool! I would like a homemade iPad case, maybe a little more manly. It should have sumo fabric. I guess I need to get an iPad first.

  3. poh peng

    it is beautiful!!

  4. Susan

    First off, the case is darling, second….leave it to Alex to want sumo fabric! How funny! I just got an iPad unexpectedly the other day. I won it from work! Wish I had a cute case! Love you!

  5. dee

    Darling case Vanalee. I love the material! I just read about a guy that is using obi fabric from Kyoto to make IPad cases! ideas…
    I miss you!

  6. dee

    oops, sorry about that…
    You know I love kokeshi dolls so you know I covet your case!
    I want I want, I need I need… LOVE IT!

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