Auckland is a great, very walkable city. After dropping our bags at the hotel our first stop was Wendy’s. Maddie was so anxious to go there. Although we were a bit disappointed that they only had vanilla frosties.


We stayed at a great boutique hotel, the DeBrett.

Maddie and Izzie chillin’ in our room.

The view from Auckland Sky Tower.

An interesting view of Izzie’s gorgeous blue eye.

We took a boat cruise around the Auckland area and stopped off at Davenport Island for hiking, shopping and a yummy lunch.

An interesting view of the Hilton with skytower in the background.

Hiking Mount Victoria on Davenport. Luke, Maddie and Izzie took the short cut right up the side of the mountain. The rest of us hiked up the road.

The view of Auckland from the top.

Reunited at the top.


On our last day in Auckland Maddie decided she wanted another boat ride. So while Luke and Allyson shopped around the wharf for one. Maddie, Izzie and I stopped and watched and interesting street performer.

Although Maddie and Luke were most interested in a sailboat ride, they had finished for the day. They decided on a ride like the one we had taken in Queenstown. Izzie was too short for this one so we sent Luke and Maddie. Maddie is already for this ride in her cool shades.

Front row seats in the splash zone.

They’re soaked!


Saying goodbye is always so hard.

After we loaded them into their cab to the airport, Rick and I headed to an airport hotel and checked into a day room to watch a couple General Conference sessions. That evening we caught our Air New Zealand flight to Los Angeles and then on to life in Houston.


  1. Kim

    Love all the pictures of Ally and family. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Shannon

    Yay! More photos! What a great trip! The girls are so beautiful and getting so big. I love the photos of Allyson in the stripy top.

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