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This post should have been written months ago. I am still behind, but I have this cute photo on my refrigerator and this morning I decided I needed to write about it. I have not posted anything about my experience with cancer here. I think that while I was going through it my experience was just too personal. Now that my last scan showed no evidence of cancer I may share some of my experiences from my journal here.

On the 14th day of my first cycle of chemotherapy I noticed that my hair was starting to come out. That was a Tuesday, each day after that more came out until Saturday when I could pull it out by the handful. I woke up and told Rick that today was the day, we got out the clippers and he shaved my head, then I vacuumed. I felt like my hair was everywhere in the house. Before this happened several of my children offered to shave their heads to show their support. I actively discouraged this. I felt like there was no reason for any of my girls to be bald ever! I also felt like my boys shouldn’t shave their heads, although Alex has had a very short haircut for awhile. Andrew did shave his head and I know James seriously considered it while Ruth and I discouraged him. Buzzed heads are not common in Europe and are most often associated with anti-social behavior there.

The thing that these beautiful girls did was unexpected. They all cut their long hair off in support of me and sent it to Locks of Love where they make wigs for cancer patients.

Carruth Girls Short Hair

Aimee, Caitlyn and Lainey

I love you girls! I am so grateful for all the love and support from my family. I am grateful for the prayers, fasting, Facetime and Skype calls, Facebook messages, email, cards, pictures and letters, meals, flowers, gifts, and expressions of love and concern.  I love you Rick, Allyson, Luke, Maddie, Izzy, James, Ruth, Caitlyn, Aimee, Lainey, Havana, David, Holli, Mark, Andrew, Leigh, Rorey, John, Kristina, Brian, Henry, Alex, Stacey, Ellie, Daniel, and Tyler. I am also grateful for the love and concern of my extended family and friends around the world.


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  1. Lara Sorich

    Vanalee, I had no idea! I am so happy for you that you are on the mend and moving forward to many new adventures ahead! We are so excited for your upcoming mission as well! We sure do love you guys and hope you know we will be cheering you on and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!!

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