60 to 60- Day 2


Today we were up early and out the door to the St. Nick Fun Run at Rorey’s school. The profits from the race go toward the scholarships at the school. Definitely a good cause and worthy of one of my 59 deliberate acts of kindness.

Andrew and Leigh ran the 5K together and then Leigh continued on to run the 10K. Andrew was very surprised to get second place in his age group. I had planned to push the double stroller with Rorey and John in the 5K. We started out and were going well as we passed the park Rorey decided that it would be a good idea to go across the bridge and check out the water level. So we cut through the park and continued on in the race for awhile before turning around to get to the finish line before Andrew so we could take some photos.

Since I didn’t really finish the race I felt like I needed to do something else today. A norther hit College Station while we were out and about and it was really cold. I drove home with the heat cranked up most of the way and sang my heart out. When I got to Kingwood I decided to stop for some peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks. I had the intention of paying for the car behind me if anyone pulled up. When I got to the window I told them what I was doing and asked to pay for the car behind me. I was told that maybe I should rethink that since their order was large. I smiled and paid for my hot chocolate and their order. The guys inside smiled. I know that this is a popular thing to do, but I haven’t ever done it! I smiled the whole way home and my peppermint hot chocolate was so good.

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  1. Alex

    I’m so glad you’re my mom!

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