Not long after we moved to this neighborhood last year I became aware of “The Friendly Guys.” They live down the street from me. They walk every morning for 6 or more miles. I see them everywhere and often. They are two of the most friendly guys I’ve ever met. They greet everyone…and with more than just a “hi.” They are just so chipper.

After I finished my last chemo treatment I started walking in the neighborhood again. I passed while one of the guys was working in his yard. We greeted each other and I continued on my way. He called after me and asked why he hadn’t seen me for a long time. I explained about the cancer and that I had recently I had been doing my walking in the air conditioned comfort of the Kingwood Medical Center. I told him I was glad to be back outside. He explained that he was a cancer survivor. He was positive and encouraging, telling me I’d be fine and to keep walking.

Today I dropped off a Christmas card with a Panera gift card inside. I thanked them for being so friendly and encouraged them to go out to lunch together. I had a big smile on my face as I hurried away from his mailbox!