A few days ago I received an email explaining that a family at my church needed dinner brought in for awhile. The father recently had surgery to have a kidney removed. A friend had set up an online calendar, but she recently had surgery and now my friend Emily is going to coordinate the meals. Then on Sunday an announcement was made requesting help for them.

Here is my thought process…I am tired…Time is running out and I have so much to get done…I don’t know them…Maybe I can sign up in January when things settle down…Someone else will do it. I am not proud of that thought process. I am always willing to serve when it’s convenient. However, the nature of my life is such that it’s not usually convenient. People usually don’t need help when I have free time.

Rick forward me the email this morning with his comment, “Something we can do!” I opened the online meal calendar and noticed that no one was taking a meal tonight. Someone else was not doing it! I quickly repented and signed up. I just dropped off the meal to their very pleasant and grateful teenaged son. I smiled all the way home.

This birthday project is doing my soul good!