Backyard Farming

For about 15 years of my life I served in our church’s program for young women ages 12 to 18 and these were some of the best times ever. There was one group of girls that were especially crazy and fun. I still keep up with them by reading their blogs on a regular basis. They are mothers now and it is amazing to see the remarkable women that they have grown up to be.

Two of them, Marisa and Megan, have started a new blog called Backyard Farming. Check it out! They are both very funny and reading it has caused me to ponder the idea of growing something on my 3×5 balcony here in the center of Tokyo…a tomato plant maybe…hmmm.


  1. OH, come on, why don’t you just throw a little chicken coop and some chickens out there on the balcony?

  2. I think it is against our lease to have animals on the property. In fact, if I remember right there was something in there about not bringing in bags of dirt!!! Maybe the tomato plant is out, too!

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