About noon Rick said, “Are you ready?” He wanted to go to Ganpachi for lunch and to the Nezu Museum. Ganpachi is a Japanese restaurant near our house. It is large and a bit rustic and has great food. Today they had a buffet set up with drinks, salad, miso soup,  dessert and it was  included with whatever you ordered. It was delicious. Then we walked to the Nezu Museum. (Did I mention that it was a gorgeous day?) When we first arrived in Tokyo I read about the Nezu Museum and was interested in visiting, but soon discovered that it was closed for three years for renovation. It re-opened last fall.

The building is beautiful and the collection is small, but interesting.  The special exhibit was on calligraphy and painting.  Although we enjoyed the exhibits, the most enjoyable thing about the Nezu Museum today was the beautiful traditional Japanese garden behind the museum.

This was the display we saw in front of a floral shop on our walk home. It’s definitely spring in Tokyo.  We stopped for ice cream and both tried the seasonal sakura (cherry blossom) flavor.