Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a prominent landmark on the Tokyo Skyline.  It was completed in 1958 and is 333 meters tall.  It is not going to be able to support the new equipment needed for the change from analog TV to digital and so a new tower is being built.  The new tower is called Tokyo Sky Tree and it will be 610 meters making it the tallest broadcasting tower in the world. I caught a glimpse of the new tower today.

Tokyo Sky Tree

When it is completed it will not only support communication equipment, but will have viewing platforms and restaurants. It looks impressive.  Tokyo Tower also has viewing platforms.  However, it is quite expensive to go up in. So, when I want to have a look around this huge city, I go to Shinjuku to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. It is the best sightseeing value in the city with the opportunity to go to two different viewing areas.  The cost- it’s free. Quite amazing.  The best time to go is when a clear day follows a rainy one.  On days like that you can see all the way to Mt. Fuji.